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  • Tim Greene

Does it make sense to join a lease group?

Sometimes. It all depends on how long you want to wait for any revenues and if you are willing to give up some control over the negotiations of your mineral interest. Some lease groups have been very successful. Some not so much. There are groups that have been active for many years with little success. I would caution that lease groups can get too big. Meaning way too much acreage and way too many mineral owners. Most large gas companies have been willing to look at any large lease groups with the intention of only leasing acreage in their area of interest. Which usually means a lot of the acreage will be left out. Most gas companies these days are looking to lease acreage in their particular areas of interest. When the activity in the Marcellus Shale started they were looking to lease anything they could. You should always consult with an Attorney that is experience with Oil and Gas issues before signing any document.

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