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  • Tim Greene

I have been offered money to sell my mineral interest. Should I sell?

There are many mineral buying companies out there making offers to buy all or a portion of your mineral interest. These folks don’t make offers to purchase mineral interest to lose money. However, there are several possibilities you should consider before selling. If you sell your mineral interest, you will realize revenue from your minerals faster and you will rid yourself of the agony of dealing with a gas company during the lease negotiation and drilling process. If you work through the leasing process you will likely receive a signing bonus payment and then have to wait for possible participation in a well(s). If you don’t sell you mineral interest you take the chance that it may or may not be leased and included in a well(s).

With that being said, some questions that need answered are: 1) How many net acres do you own? 2) Would having the money from a sale significantly change your life now? Typically, you may see more revenues if you are participating in a well(s) overtime. That is assuming your mineral interest is included. Just know that there are many questions you need to answer before you decide to sell or retain your mineral interest.

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